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Current Position Index > 新闻中心> Safety requirements for vacuum drum filters

Safety requirements for vacuum drum filters

Pageviews:1190   Release Date:2021-07-31

1 When the system is in normal operation, its granulated water volume, purge air volume, sweeping water volume, granulator maximum water temperature and slag flow rate shall meet the design specifications.


2 When the system is running, the equipment inspection should meet the following requirements: no abnormality in equipment inspection, no clogging of the granulation head, no slag block in the trough grille, reasonable high and low ditch and slag gate, no slag in the hot water tank, no in the pit Water and slag, no leaks in the pipeline valves, smooth tape transportation, no deviation, and normal water level.


3 The slag ditch used in the tapping shall have the conditions for diverting the dry slag or other measures for treating the slag. The time for diverting the shunt shall not exceed 3 min.


4 During normal production, the operation of the system equipment should be automatically controlled.


5 The system should be started 20 minutes before the tapping, and the signal is “ready”, and the operating room can start the system. A startup fails and should not be started immediately.


6 When the system is in danger of personal injury and equipment safety, stop the system operation immediately and pour the hot residue into the dry slag pit or slag tank.


7 When the iron is discharged, there should be no people near the slag ditch and the granulator.


8 should pay close attention to the amount of granulated water in the system. If it is found that the amount of granulated water is greatly reduced, the drum is faulty, the tape is heavily watered, or the operating room signal has a “big alarm”, it should be immediately diverted to the dry slag pit or slag tank to prevent the liquid slag from entering the granulation system.


After the iron (slag) port is blocked for 20 minutes, the system can stop running.


After 10 system shutdown, the pump power supply should be stopped first, then the granulation head, water slag ditch, receiving tank and granulating water pump should be inspected and cleaned. To check or replace or clean the nozzle, stop the hydraulic system (close the hydraulic valve). Check the belt and stop the belt conveyor power supply first.


11 System maintenance personnel should not short-circuit various protection devices of the system. If equipment abnormalities or accidents are found, they should be quickly judged and handled to prevent accidents from expanding; and abnormal phenomena and accidents should be recorded, and relevant leaders should be reported.


12 Various interlocking and protection devices of the system shall not be adjusted freely without the consent of the competent department; if adjustment is necessary, it shall be approved by the competent department and reported to the professional director for approval; the adjustment shall be recorded and archived. .


13 When any control handle of the system is in the “auto” position, it should not be overhauled. If you need to rotate the drum during system maintenance, you should assign a special person to operate.


14 When using the wheel method, the safety net should be set near the granulating wheel.

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